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The numismatic writing and research team of Mohammed Tariq Ansari,
based in India, and Arthur Needham based in Australia started an
innovative exploration in numismatics some ten years ago.
The innovative illustration work originally proposed by Tariq caught the
eye of the major publishing group in India, Manohar Publishers based in
From there two major books have been published. The third is in the final
edit by the authors and another six are being worked on. These books
display the illustration methodology and are produced in full colour.
Given the data first worked on including the highly quality controlled XRF
testing of coins for their metal content a number of approaches for
experimental work were received. These approaches required the writing of
a postgraduate handbook on numismatic studies after the research
methodology was accepted. A new presentations on Gresham’s law and
the introduction of the UNIT system of coin metrology have been discussed
in various international conferences including IVCoM.












The course handbook was formally published on July 1, 2023.
The Numismatic Foundation is a Not for Profit Company formed and
registered in India and registered in Chennai. The work locally is under the
control of the Indian businessman Kallidaikurchi Ramasundaram (Ram).
Bank accounts have been fully established and given the controls in India,
a formal method of raising donations outside India has been approved.
The aims are:
1. To accept membership from like-minded individuals and
2. Publish an annual peer reviewed journal on numismatics and
3. Publish two or three times a year an emagazine on numismatics and
archaeology. This is open to any contributor but is aimed at young
researchers to have an outlet for their early work.
4. To assist in the funding of young archaeologists completing their
5. To undertake archaeological research relating to coins.

6. Needham and Tariq are preparing a series of innovative
travel/archaeology works with accompanying music where one third
of the profits will go to the Foundation.
Within this the following is ongoing:
1. Membership will be open on August 1, 2023.
2. Research project for the first journal is well underway. The first
archaeology article has been received and our major numismatic
archaeology work in India is under preparation. This article is of
world significance.
3. The first articles for the emagazine have been accepted. Projected
publishing date is September 1, 2023.
4. Our first Doctorate candidate has won a prestigious scholarship.
Although this pays for the education our aim is to ensure that as a
relatively poor student that he will be fully equipped at all levels
when undertaking his studies. The aim here is to raise $2000 US.
5. We have a major project of international importance currently
underway. Because of the finds great care is needed in the
progressive reporting of the project.
6. The series called Final Journeys combines the brilliant photography
of Tariq with the music by Needham written and performed as
accompanying tone poems. The first book and audio book with
music will be released on August 1, 2023, and there are at least 25
in the series. This takes the reader/listener through various
archaeological sites as The Explorist®

. The first book is on the

mausoleum of Akbar the Great near Agra.
Various fundraising efforts other than the above have started.
1. Direct giving from around the world. For those who would like to
receive a memento of this we have some uncleaned Roman coins to
send for each $20 US donation. (Coins donated by James
2. Profits from the sale of Final Journeys (one third), the handbook (one
third) and all income from membership subscriptions, journal and
magazine sales go to the Foundation.
3. A Go Fund Me style page will be opened for the funding of the
archaeologist’s needs. This would be a great chance for a major
collector to become a serious research benefactor.

4. The Explorist clothing line currently available in India will provide one
third of the profits.
5. Early next year our tea and coffee grower supporter will launch a
private label for tea and coffee, The Explorist®

, for worldwide

6. Membership fees will also help fund the ongoing work.
A PayPal account is available for international funding deposits.
To save major hassles transfers in Indian Rupees would be great but any
currency will be converted. The current exchange rate is approximately
The Big Fund Raiser.
In early July Agora Auctions in New York is auctioning a wonderful
mahogany coin cabinet made by master craftsman William Streeter. This is
a piece of real working art. 

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